Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence

The Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence strives to be a place for the community to gather, exchange ideas, and construct the social fabric of society. Each entity within the complex has its purpose within the wider ecosystem, and this notion of giving back to society is popularized through the Founder’s 8-hour rule:
“The day has twenty four hours; eight for the night’s sleep, eight for the day’s education, and eight for helping others in need”.
The Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence sits in Alor Setar, Kedah and is named after the Founder’s mother who placed a strong emphasis on the importance of education.

Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence’s rich and diverse architecture is spread over a 75-acre site where landmarks of the Islamic World were gathered in the complex to beautify its surroundings and showcase replicas to students and members of the university, as well as the community who might otherwise not have the chance to visit these magnificent buildings.

The Architecture of the buildings on campus were inspired by landmark historical buildings from around the Islamic World.

  • Souq Albukhary captures the grandeur of the Citadel of Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  • The Convocation Hall reflects the serenity of the University of Qarawiyin, Fes, Morocco
  • The Albukhary mosque recalls the finesse of the Shahi (Imam) Mosque , Isfahan, Iran
  • The Lecture Theatre embraces the opulence of the Suleimaniya Mosque Complex, Istanbul
  • The Library building’s dome mirrors the sparkling Dome of the Rock, Al –Quds

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Library: Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa

Lecture Theatre: Suleimaniya Mosque Complex, Istanbul

Souq Albukhary: Citadel of Bukhara, Uzbekistan​

Albukhary Mosque: Shahi (Imam) Mosque, Isfahan Iran

Convocation Hall: University of Qarawin, Fes, Morocco

The first structure built at the Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence is the Albukhary Mosque, which opened in 2001, and can accommodate 10,000 worshippers. Surrounding the mosque is an old folks’ home, an orphanage and a dialysis centre, to serve the needs of the disadvantaged in the local community. The dialysis centre has 18 dialysis machines, which provide medical service to the poor in Kedah, at
no cost.

Built in phases, the next addition to the area was its commercial complex, known as the Souq Albukhary. Following that, the Albukhary International University buildings were constructed, forming a magnificent campus with architectural inspiration from all over the Muslim World. The final addition to the complex, which marked its completion in 2015, is the Centre for those with
Special Needs.

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