Albukhary Scholarship Programme​

Providing opportunity to talented and driven students in efforts to empower them to be agents of change in their respective communities is at the heart of Albukhary Foundation’s contribution to education.

The Albukhary Scholarship Programme was developed in 2005 with the sole intention of providing a lifeline to the underprivileged through granting them access to higher education, at no cost. Open to Malaysians and International Students, the Albukhary Scholarship nurtures a community in which character building is achieved through an emphasis on community service. Through the network of universities in Malaysia, Albukhary Foundation sponsored students in 17 universities across the country. 

Subsequently, when AIU was established, the Albukhary Scholarship Programme catered for students of the University, located in Kedah. This is a competitive Scholarship Programme, where the financial background of prospective students are carefully examined, to ensure the most deserving are not deprived of an opportunity to pursue higher education.

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