Preserving Heritage

Preserving our shared heritage and culture is at the core of Albukhary Foundation’s contribution to society. Culture is a reflection of our identity, and safeguarding it for future generation enables us to preserve history, language, arts, philosophy, traditions and keep our values alive.

The safekeeping of artifacts and displaying them to our community and the world is but one facet of Albukhary Foundation’s keen interest in culture, yet helping the world to preserve and showcase our heritage in its most deserved manner is equally important. It is through sharing our tangible and intangible culture that communities reduce misunderstandings and prejudices, bringing us closer to a more equitable world. Historical monuments and buildings as well as archaeological sites as well as literature, music and more intangible collections are thus our concern.

Albukhary Foundation’s interest in preserving heritage springs out of the need to educate the younger generation in efforts to encourage an appreciation for history, arts and culture. 

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