Albukhary Tuition Programme

Borderline students’ potential are often not realized – as a result, they lack motivation and may not persevere through their final examination.

The Albukhary Tuition Programme  
is a nationwide free tuition programme initiated in 2001 to cater for underachieving secondary school students sitting for compulsory national examinations.

Without academic support through additional tuition classes, these students, most of who reside in the rural areas, would not be able to progress further in secondary school. 

The Albukhary Tuition Programme was implemented for 8 years, after which the Ministry of Education funded this endeavor, having witnessed the remarkable outcome of this program. From 2001 to 2009, its reach has impacted more than 80,000 students across 500 schools through a network of 200 tuition centres.






Tuition Centre

The fundamental aim of the Albukhary Tuition Programme is to provide an opportunity to underachieving students such that their potential can be realized. In fact, this endeavor is quaintly themed ‘Harapan Mereka, Aspirasi Bersama’, which translates to “their hope is our aspiration”.  

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