The Umbrella Concept:

“The sky above us is the umbrella to the land beneath our feet”
– Syed Mokhtar Albukhary

In this respect, the Albukhary Foundation is the umbrella of the Albukhary International University (AIU). Supported by the Albukhary Foundation, the environment created at AIU is conducive and of high standards, therefore the Founder believes that the deserving students are privileged to have the opportunity to study at AIU. The Founder has given the best for AIU Scholars, sincerely from his heart, in the spirit of never depriving the underprivileged from an education.

The core values that define the Albukhary Foundation are

Taqwa (faith) and Ihsan (compassion) and its main contribution 

lies in the fields of education and preserving culture.

In essence, the Foundation seeks to

forge a greater understanding between communities through knowledge.

A subset of these core values are practiced at the Albukhary International University, where all members of the University ought to emulate the ‘5As’:


Modest individuals with good manners and dignity


Character building and the alignment of an individual’s moral compass


Individuals that have a strong faith and are driven by purpose


Accountability and integrity in every task, action and intention


Take action in a way that carries the above values

The adoption of the 5As above, coupled with academic excellence, aim to create individuals whose character and value system are highly sought after, in a manner that will equip Albukhary Scholars to face the most pressing issues in the world.  At the same time, these values mirror the upbringing of the Founder.

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